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is a victim of the prank. >>> today marks president obama's first full workday of his second tomorrow. >> there is a lot of work ahead before getting back to the multiple agendas on capitol hill, the morning starts with prayer and song at the washington national kcathedral. the president and vice president taking part in the traditional post inaugural prayer service. this one is a long time tradition dating all the way back to the days of george washington's presidency. turnout for yesterday's presidential inauguration actually exceeding the expectations. organizers say an estimated 1 million people were on the national mall as the president was sworn in. they had predicted the number would be closer to 800,000. if you recall, about 1.8 million people attended president obama's first inauguration in 2009. >>> and today marks the 40th anniversary of roe versus wade. the 1974 supreme court decision that established a right to abortion. four decades later, a new poll finds the majority of people support legalized abortion. according to the poll, a whopping 70% say roe v. wade should not
. >> president obama will talk about the senate compromise when he visits las vegas today to lay out his own version on immigration. >>> jon, the compromise also covers the highly educated workers which high tech covets. scott mcgrew says that silicon valley has been waiting a long time for immigration reform. >> good morning. the immigration has been a huge issue for high tech. and here's the perfect example of the problem. this couple they founded a software firm while attending the university of wisconsin, started hiring their friends, paid almost a million dollars in business taxes, then they had to go home to india because their student visas ran out. now, the business still exists, but it's run out of india with no american employees. obvious problem. everyone said it needed to be solved. the valley's been frustrated for years. so that deal seems to have been reached and the valley likes it. you can't overstate the importance of immigrants to bay area companies. paypal started by a russian, google started by a russian as well, ebay, a frenchman, tesla, sun microsystems india. if you ex
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2